COVID-19 Update

Good morning everyone,

As of this writing, there have been over 54,000 cases diagnosed and 789 deaths in the United States of the novel Coronavirus. The city that I am writing from has adopted a Shelter in Place (SiP) policy that severely restricts movement in an effort to fight the virus. Due to that, I am home significantly more often, outside of going to my job where I am considered to be essential personnel for now.

My hours have been significantly reduced, but I am being paid closure pay on top of hours worked. I am staying safe, sanitizing consistently, and helping do my part in both encouraging people to stay at home and helping in the best ways that I possibly can digitally.

Because of this, I have a significantly larger amount of time to write. Most of the writing will fall under the category of MileHighGuy, which will be kept somewhat consistently updated on how COVID is affecting life in Denver, but will also include movie reviews, game reviews, and other subjects going forward.

I would heavily encourage you to SiP at this time, wherever you are. This virus is incredibly infectious, and has a high mortality rate that disproportionately affects elderly individuals. Assume that you already have COVID-19, and base your actions around that.

Stay healthy, and stay safe,


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