COVID-19 Update

Good morning everyone,

As of this writing, there have been over 54,000 cases diagnosed and 789 deaths in the United States of the novel Coronavirus. The city that I am writing from has adopted a Shelter in Place (SiP) policy that severely restricts movement in an effort to fight the virus. Due to that, I am home significantly more often, outside of going to my job where I am considered to be essential personnel for now.

My hours have been significantly reduced, but I am being paid closure pay on top of hours worked. I am staying safe, sanitizing consistently, and helping do my part in both encouraging people to stay at home and helping in the best ways that I possibly can digitally.

Because of this, I have a significantly larger amount of time to write. Most of the writing will fall under the category of MileHighGuy, which will be kept somewhat consistently updated on how COVID is affecting life in Denver, but will also include movie reviews, game reviews, and other subjects going forward.

I would heavily encourage you to SiP at this time, wherever you are. This virus is incredibly infectious, and has a high mortality rate that disproportionately affects elderly individuals. Assume that you already have COVID-19, and base your actions around that.

Stay healthy, and stay safe,



New Year, New Projects

Hello everyone,

Its been a tad long since I have written anything, and while I did end the New Year with a Article Related To B-Cycle’s Passing, I have been notoriously quiet outside of Mile High Guy and a few other personal avenues of writing.

That will no longer be the case going forward!

I still got one last article I will write about B-Cycle, a fair amount to write about RTD, and some things I will write about in relation to the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. As always, stay tuned!

Featured Image is of a B-Cycle Station At 17th and Wewatta. Photo Credit to Andy Bosselman 


Mile High Guy is Here. Check out my first post!

Hey everyone!

I have created Mile High Guy as a follow up to ending my run with gradwithatat. This blog will be significantly Front Range centric, but still feature the personal touches of gradwithatat. Check out my first post here.


Grad With a Tat is Going Away. Replacement TBA

After roughly 3 years of writing under the blog moniker gradwithatat, I am officially retiring the blog and creating something new. Given that I am getting to the point that I have been out of undergrad and graduate school longer than I have been in it, it just makes logical sense to retire the name and the blog itself.

This does not mean, however, that I am going to stop writing. Gradwithatat’s themes and writing style will be carried over to a new blog. More to be announced.


ICYMI: My latest article for DenverUrbanism about B-Cycle!

Hey Everyone!

In case you have missed what I have been writing lately, I recently wrote an article in regards to my experience with B-Cycle. You can view it here.

Have a great week everyone. More content to come!


I have returned! Lets write again!

It has been a little over three months since my last post, and a lot has changed in that time period. New job, new apartment, and new bike have all been things that have come into my life in that time period. It has caused me to go through a roller-coaster of emotions, and ultimately hold off on writing, which has been a detriment to me. Now that we are on the tail end of summer, I am going to try and commit to putting something new out every other week. Whether it is an article about infrastructure in Denver, a more personable blog post, or a piece of fiction, the content that will come out of here will go up again, I promise!